Polygon price history

Polygon price history

The Polygon crypto price began seeing immense growth in 2021, when congestion and very high transaction fees on Ethereum made it clear that scaling solutions are necessary. With the token rallying throughout the year, the MATIC crypto reached its all-time high in December 2021 at just under $3.

Let’s go through some of the biggest price milestones that the MATIC price has seen since its launch in 2019.

  • $0.0026 – The price at which MATIC was sold during its token sale on Binance Launchpad
  • $0.01 – The price of MATIC reached $0.0100 for the first time in May 2019
  • $0.05 – The MATIC coin price hit $0.05 for the first time in February 2021
  • $0.10 – The first time that the MATIC/USDT price reached $0.10 was in February 2021
  • $0.50 – MATIC reached $0.50 for the first time in March 2021
  • $1 – MATIC hit the $1 milestone for the first time ever in May 2021
  • $1.50 – The MATIC price reached $1.50 for the first time in May 2021
  • $2 – MATIC value reached $2 for the first time in May 2021

The Polygon market cap reached its peak in December 2021, when the MATIC token had a valuation of almost $20 billion. While this peak was followed by a steep correction, MATIC has established itself as an important asset in the cryptocurrency market.

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